How to be Wrinkle Free! Calgary, Alberta Canada

Wrinkles are bound to appear on our bodies as we age. However, the fact that wrinkles will come at a certain age does not mean that we ignore how to be wrinkle-free. There are many factors that bring about the existence of wrinkles in our bodies: it may be caused by diet, lifestyle, environment, or affected by genetics. Many people get scared when they see wrinkles increase on their face, but this should not be a worry, as science has done much research and refinement to help get them under control.

Steps on How to be Wrinkle-Free

Avoid Direct Contact with Strong Sunlight

Strong ultra violet rays emitted by the sun are very dangerous onto your skin, the sun rays are only useful to your body in the morning and evening hours when it’s not too hot, however the peak hours of sunlight should be avoided. If you have to be exposed to strong sunlight, ensure that you shield your eyes with sun glasses to prevent your sight from being damaged. You can also use sun block. Sun block helps to prevent direct contact with the sun. This alone is a good method on how to prolong being wrinkle-free naturally, since sun blocks are readily available in the markets of Calgary, Canada. So it’s wise to use sun block during peak summer hours or when you are spring skiing and the sun’s rays are reflected by the snow.

Avoid Smoking

There is actually an observable difference between smokers and non-smokers; those who smoke tend to get premature wrinkles. Research in Canada and around the world has shown that people who smoke develop wrinkles in their early twenties, and this is because smoking inhibits the body’s collagen which is meant to repair the skin damages and wounds. Nicotine found in cigarettes restricts the body’s blood flow hence leading to constriction of blood vessels; this contributes to development of wrinkles since blood does not properly circulate to the face and extremities. It also results to dead skin cells. So, quitting smoking is also a good recommendable way on how to be wrinkle free and remain in better general health.

Use Anti-wrinkle Skin Cream

To help minimize wrinkles, you can be proactive by using an non-allergic cream, which simply means that the skin creams have no side effects. Such creams will remove wrinkles and also boost your skin quality and health. An effective wrinkle skin cream should contain ingredients like vitamin E and hyaluronic acid which helps promote the production of collagen and elastin. These two ingredients keep the skin tight and elastic, helping to keep a wrinkle-free face. There are various types of types of anti-wrinkle treatments that are readily available in today’s market of Canada.

Moisturize Your Skin

Your skin needs a lot of moisture and this can be done by drinking an adequate amount of water each day. As our bodies are approximately 70% water, this is an essential ingredient to keeping your skin hydrated. It makes skin naturally look smooth and healthier and unlike other skin treatments, it works from the inside out!

Healthy Eating

Alongside drinking enough water is making sure you are not over stressing your body with toxins, like those found in junk food or highly processed diets. As your body’s largest organ, your skin will reflect how your body is feeling on the inside, so maintaining a proper diet that includes a good variety of raw food to feed your body best, your skin can remain looking younger for years longer, just by diet alone.

While aging is still a fact of life, you can still look as young as you feel by following a healthy diet and exercise routine. However, if you find that you would like to explore other options, such as Botox®, to fix those wrinkles that just won’t go away, then make sure you find a qualified professional to help you.