How to Look Younger

You will never be 16 again, once your 17th birthday arrives! It is true that no one likes growing old. While aging is a seeming inevitability, many people still search for ways to remain looking and feeling young. Some people even go as far as having plastic surgeries that turn out to have unpleasant side effects. To help you find ways to look younger, naturally, we’ve compiled this top list of healthy skin tips.

Ways to Look Younger

Eat a lot of Oily Fish

Fatty acids are actually the best because apart from helping the brain function smoothly, they also help keep the skin-cell-membranes in the best of health and they are also responsible for keeping the skin moistened.

Wear Sunscreen

The accumulation of the ultraviolet rays on your bare skin will always affect your skin. Wrinkles and age spots become inevitable over time. If you wear sunscreen you will definitely keep these signs of aging at bay.

Get Enough Sleep

Your body, including your face, needs enough rest time so it can restore itself overnight. The idea of “beauty sleep” is definitely tried and true, so you can stop considering it a myth. A good night’s sleep can ensure your body has time to recharge, allowing your cells an opportunity to get on with repairing any damaged DNA throughout your body.

ClariSonic Cleansing Brush

Following on the heels of the sonic toothbrush,  the sonic cleansing brush uses similar technology to thoroughly clean the skin. The brush acts as a micro-massaging tool and gently cleans the skin at 300 movements per second. The brushes flex between inner and outer bristles to work deep inside the pores to loosen oil and dirt particles, while the brush simultaneously oscillates to stimulate the skin. This new skin technology does not put stress onto collagen fibers and does not over-cleanse the skin.

Drink a lot of Water

This is the most common tip people consider, but sometimes we find it hard especially during the cold season, when the summer sun’s heat is not readily parching our throats. But even during the long, cold winters in Calgary, Alberta, the air is still dry and semi-arid, where our homes are heated by furnaces, so keeping hydrated is still very important no matter what the climate. Water not only helps your skin, but even more importantly, it is an essential factor to maintaining healthy organs, which in turn will eventually give you nicely glowing skin.

Take up Yoga

Stress ages us. So, it is common sense to look for ways to keep stressors in life to a minimum. While life’s challenges don’t go away, how we approach those challenges both physically and mentally,  can alter the effects of those stressors on our body. The more conscious we are to our own needs and that of our bodies, the more inner strength we will gain to take on life’s challenges from a proactive angle.

One tool that has been used for millennia is Yoga. Yoga has long been proven to help in de-stressing the mind and body; it keeps us mentally and physically flexible and helps to improve posture and gait as well. Yoga can be a soothing and energizing practice that helps loosen the tension that accumulates in our bodies. A steady practice of yogic exercise can change anyone’s life and will help to keep the body and mind young and vibrant.

Avoid Sugar

Sugar catalyses glycation and that speeds up the aging process in the skin. So, it is best to eliminate refined sugars from one’s diet and minimize other sugars, such as cane sugar. While sugar is a powerful fuel for the body, the body is easily capable of converting regular, raw foods to the sugars that it needs. There are many health benefits, both long and short term, when you reduce or eliminate sugar from your diet. Try it for a few weeks and see how you look and feel! Try using Stevia as a natural alternative to sugar.

Revise Your Make-up

You will notice that the type of make-up you used 10 years ago does not compliment your face in the same way today. Take some time to review your choices for make up; new advances in skin care products may surprise you and you can readily find more environmentally friendly products and ones that are not tested on animals. Revising your makeup choice can bring about an entirely new and fresh look for you.

Exercise regularly

Keeping fit by exercising regularly will also help to keep you feeling and looking younger than if you choose to live a sedentary lifestyle. Remaining active will pay dividends into your later years as your body’s muscles will remain in better shape, longer. Your body will naturally remain more mobile and function at the level of a younger person because you are pushing oxygen throughout your body and helping your body’s lymphatic system to clear out toxins daily. Doctors and health experts all recognize the benefits of going for a brisk walk. If you live in Calgary or near the Rocky Mountains, you can take that walk further and go for a hike, or scramble.

Physical activities like these  will improve your blood circulation. This, in turn, will encourage the flow of blood to the skin and you will be sure of a healthy and glowing skin.